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Michelle Synnestvedt, E-RYT 500, BFA, was certified in Anusara yoga, and has been supporting students in renewing and regaining their health and happiness since early 90's. Michelle has trained hundreds of yoga teachers in Phildelphia and surrounding areas over the last few decades.

Michelle recieved many great gifts from her traditional studies with her Guru's lineage along with her studies in India and work with other great teachers. She is highly respected in the yoga community for her wealth of knowledge in East Indian devotional studies and practices, Hatha yoga, Scriptural studies, Mindfulness and Meditation.

She is highly regarded for her success in supporting renewed balance and well-being in body, mind, and heart with a variety of modalities yoga asana, breathing technigues, meditation and mindfulness practices, stress reduction, re-balancing with alignement principles and other holistic arts.

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Amy Hendersonwas Certified in Anusara Yoga in 2006. She started her practice of yoga more than 20 years ago and has had the honor of studying with some of the top nationally known hatha yoga teachers through the years. 

In 2001, Amy focused her attention and heart in the teachings of Anusara.

Since that time Amy has been committed to supporting students in a joyful and authentic way where she inspires students with singing, humor, and raw, accessible teachings from years of integrated practice on every level.

Theresa MontagnaA long time teacher of French, Theresa began studying yoga in 2006 when she was expecting her first child. The physical practice of asana along with tantric philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation bring her back to herself. In 2010, she began studying yoga in a more profound way with Amy Henderson and Michelle Synnestvedt and completed her 200 hour Anusara teacher training in 2012. Yoga is a compelling practice and one that she feels honored to offer to others.

Jeremy Pitcairnhas been practicing meditation for over 20 years. In addition to being a long-term Zen practitioner, he has also studied with Sally Kempton. He studied yoga extensively with Michelle Synnestvedt, Amy Henderson and Beryl Herrin and has taken multiple Yoga Immersions and teacher trainings. His focus is on softening to what is, and welcoming life and others on their own terms. He is committed to a creating communion space where others can tap into the place we all hold in common while honoring our differences. Jeremy is known for his warmth and soothing presence.

Scott Marmorstein met his Guru when he was 5 years old. He has been doing yogic practices his entire life and started meditating very seriously when he was 16. He has a gift for leading students into deep states of the meditation current in an easy and down to earth way. Scott is also a talented author and healer and a powerful guide for clients. For his website, appointments, and other information CLICK HERE

Celina Canelliereloves yoga and it makes her heart happy to teach. She started her yoga journey 17 years ago studying with Mayan Rish Singh Khalsa. She then continued my education with Michelle Synnestvedt and has achieved an Ansura Teaching Certificate. Celina has taught in many, if not all, of the health clubs in the Montomery County area.


Ken Blank took his first yoga training with Michelle Synnestvedt in 2003 fell in love with yoga and has been teaching ever since. He brings an playful and devoted curiosity about the mechanics and anatomy of the body and movement and loves to take students on a deep journey in exploration of the physical practice of yoga poses.

Kens enthusiasm is contagious and his upbeat energy is always inspiring.

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